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Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of the forest part 3

The Chainsaw, Guitar and Guest Key

When going to this cave, be prepared for a bit of cannibal here and there, and definitely bring some batteries with you as you will need them. This cave/bunker is very big and there are a lot of things that you can pick up. Mostly money though. In this cave, you will also find the guitar, a chainsaw, and a guest key. You will find them. The key can be found close to the end of this cave/bunker near bodies sitting on a table with loads of money around them. The guitar can be found on the bar and the chainsaw at the cinema.

The can opener

Location oneThe can opener can be found at the cave location at the snowy mountain. It can’t be missed.
At this location, there is a bit of loot, some rags, and other useful items and when going inside this cave you will find a bit more useful items. The only special item you can find here is the can opener which you can use to open cans. It’s a nice food resource to take with you.

Location twoAnother can opener I wasn’t aware of can be found at the beach as you can see on my GPS.
Over here there are quite some food, rope, and other handy items you can pick up as well. Unfortunately, I picked up the can opener already so I couldn’t make a good screenshot of it. It’s right on top of these rocks, can’t be missed. It’s on the beach next to the cave you can get the rebreather and the stun gun.

The Golden Armor (key to ending)

The same location where you can find the Katana and Putter as well. Simply explore the rooms and you will find the golden armor. You need this to continue to the ending part of the game. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS ARMOR LAYING ON THE COUCH, EVEN IF YOU CHECKED EVERY SINGLE ROOM. PLEASE RESTART YOUR GAME.

The Silencer and rail (Heli crash loc)

At the helicopter crash site, you will find a case with a silencer, pistol rail and some other basic loot. Not much else to find here.

The crashed plane loc

At this location, there is a crashed airplane. All you can find is basic loot, food, money, and a leather jacket from the pilot. Keep in mind, there is a lot of deer here for food and armor.


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