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Guide for Hogwarts legacy

The choice of the wand is a crucial step in the life of a wizard/witch, although it is « she who chooses her wizard ». Before starting, it is therefore important to understand that it is an object in its own right and that a certain number of characteristics can influence its power and the link that unites you.

To access the creation of your wand in Hogwarts Legacy The Legacy of Hogwarts, this will be automatically done during the scenario, when you go to Hogsmeade for the first time. In the meantime, Professor Fig has given you a used wand. Once at Ollivander’s, you will then be able to choose from all the different types of wood that exist, add the wand’s heart (unicorn for example), define its flexibility and size and even its shape!

Note: If you have linked your Wizarding World account to your Warner Bros account, the wand from the quiz will be automatically applied but you can change it.

The choice of wood for your wand is not just a simple choice. In the world of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling took great care to make sure that each element has an impact on the wizard’s life. For example, depending on your birth date, the effect of the chosen wood would be stronger or weaker! If you want an overpowered wand, here is a little calendar to follow:

If you were born between December 24 and January 20: birch

From January 21 to February 17: rowan

From February 18 to March 17: ash

From March 18 to April 14: alder

From April 15 to May 12: willow

From May 13 to June 9: hawthorn

From June 10 to July 7: oak

From July 8 to August 4: holly

From August 5 to September 1: hazel

From September 2 to September 29: vine

From September 30 to October 27: ivy

From October 28 to November 24: reed

From November 25 to December 23: elder

The Wand Core Once the wood has been chosen, it is time to determine what your wand’s core will be made of. You have a choice of three types:

Dragon Heartstring: powerful and easy to use, but can sometimes cause accidents. Unicorn Hair: for a wand that is always faithful and without unpleasant fluctuations. Phoenix Feather: for a very wide range of magical abilities.

It has no effect on gameplay in combat.

Flexibility, Flexibility, and Size The last important elements to make your wand unique are its flexibility and size.

Ideally, the size should be proportional to your own height, but longer wands often correspond to wizards with strong personalities. The average size is between 22 and 35 centimeters.

Regarding flexibility, it mostly symbolizes the ability to adapt to changes. The harder the wand, the more you are straightforward, but that doesn’t mean you are closed-minded, you are just filled with convictions!

And that’s it! Your wand is finished!

Note that it is impossible to modify your wand later, but special handles are part of the available equipment! In this way, you can at least customize the handle of your wand to the colors of your choice.

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