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Sons Of The Forest

Read this guide before playing. This guide has several pages.

The GPS tracker can be found on the liferaft in the water. You can swim up to it and climb the raft.
There are some items there including a pistol and the GPS tracker. The location can easily be found since it’s one of the highlighted areas in the water, that’s why I didn’t include a location picture.

The Rebreather and Taser

When you are going to this location you will experience a few cannibals and most likely a shark. First, when inside this cave follow the right side to pick up the Taser which is hanging next to a body in a red-ish cave. The red comes from a bunker which you can’t go through. If you have picked up the Taser, go back to where you came from and follow the right side of the cave again. You will eventually find the Rebreather and a shark that swims in the water. Don’t worry about the shark to much, simply jump and dive underwater and you will find a hole you can dive through.

The Zipline gun

The Zipline gun can be found north at the helicopter beach crash site spawn point.
The first cave you see is close to two tents with a small water pond in front of it.

The Modern axe

The Modern Axe can be found between the three blimping-locations on your GPS somewhat in the middle of the ones that are closer to the winter location close to two caves as you can see in the picture. The Modern Axe is inside a body in a few tents. Can be obtained in 15+/- from the spawn location. Though keep in mind, sometimes there are cannibals near. The Modern Axe is heavy and does more damage but is slower when it comes to attacking/hitting enemies or trees.

The Flashlight

The flashlight can be found at the three blimping locations on the GPS the closest to a cave. There is a man hanging on a rope. Cut down this rope from the top, go down, and pick up the flashlight.

The Revolver

The revolver can be found when digging up the site on the golf field in the open. When digged enough, you’ll see a hatch. From there, you know what to do.

The Fireaxe

When obtained the shovel, the story starts as you could have told. Go to these locations on the map. In here you will also find the keycard including the fire axe.

The Keycards

As you can see in the FIREAXE section. The maintenance keycard is here as well.
From here, you basically unlock everything.

The Slingshot

At the north of the crash landing location (starting area on the beach), you will find this cave. Outside this cave, there are three dead bodies. The middle one holds a Slingshot. But using it is rather unuseful.

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