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Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest Part 2

The Compound Bow

Maintenance B hatch. You need a shovel to enter. A keycard is not required.
Once exploring, you’ll find the bow next to a drowned man. In here you will also find regular loot, a silencer and a printer.

The Stun Baton

The Stun Baton can be found over at this location sticking out of a pile of skulls infront of a waterfall. Why it’s there, no idea. Didn’t really make any sense but ey, you want it. I know it. *puts in lipbite emoji*.

To get a more precise picture, here you go.

The Machete

The machete or ‘kukri’ can be found very close to the spawn point as you can see on the picture.
It’s 2 minutes of walking/running and you’ll see something sticking out of a boat. It’s quick but doesn’t do as much damage as the axe.

The Shotgun

Location oneOver at this GPS location with the purple objective or let’s say ‘important location’. You can dig up a grave with a shovel. When dug up this grave you will find yourself a shotgun.

Location twoWhen you have found the keycards, you can now open the bunkers’ doors.
I will not spoil too much cause there’s plenty to explore but when you are at this place on the beach, open the door to the bunker and see for yourself.

The Crossbow

When you have the keycard, open the door to this bunker below. With all the nature growing inside. You will find quite some loot including bolts for your crossbow. Open the door and explore. You can find a body at the right side in the second or third room laying on the ground.

The Shovel

In order to get the Shovel you need the Zipline hook to travel on the rope to the other side including the Rebreather since you need to swim through a hole underwater. You will also find an air canister to refill your Rebreather. Continue exploring and you will find regular loot as well which comes in handy. Bringing batteries for your flashlight also might be useful since it’s really dark down there.

In this cave, at a body you will also find a flashlight attachment for your weapon, it’s at a dead body. Continue exploring the cave, swim again and you will eventually find the Shovel at the end. From there, the true journey starts.

The Katana and Putter

The Katana and Putter can be found when you are going to this part of the world. At the lake, there’s a bunker. If you explore every room you will eventually find it. The Katana is on a stand in the living room next to the couches and the Putter can be found at one of the same rooms inside of a dead body.

Putter information by GHOST
If anybody is wondering about the Golf balls/Putter, You can find it in the same cave system as the gold armor. Instead of continuing down the stairwell to the gold armor, you can enter through a door (No keycard required), It will prompt a cutscene (Continuation in the campaign itself). Once the cutscene is complete it will be in the second room on the right side sticking outside of a body. You’ll find (or have found) emails relating to this throughout the caves in the game, all complaining about losing them, the final email you find is an email regarding them being found.

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