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D.Va is one of the most iconic and one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes. D.Va has two forms, Mech mode, and her “Baby D.Va” mode. Upon depleting the hit points of D.Va’s mech, the pilot named Hana Song jumps out with her automatic pistol. She has her own ultimate ability bar which she can consume to summon another mech.

D.Va is a highly mobile tank that allows her to get to the high ground as quickly as possible. She can fend off enemies off of the high ground and take the position for her DPS and supports to follow through.


  1. Always have an objective when using your boosters; either to get out of a sticky situation or to force enemies off of a dominant position.
  2. Use your Defense Matrix wisely; this skill allows you to absorb any projectile in front of D.Va and its use is limited until it recharges back up. The usage of this ability allows you to turn the tide of battle by absorbing key projectiles such as ultimate abilities.
  3. Don’t forget to help your supports from enemy flanks; as a mobile tank, you have the ability to get to your backline in an instant. Make sure to protect them and eliminate enemy flanks or at least fend them off of your backline.

What’s Changed in Overwatch 2?

  • New Tank Passive: Knockback Resistance of 30%
  • Health decreased from 450 to 350 (Nerf)
  • Armor increased from 200 to 300 (Buff)


  • Fusion Cannons (Mech Mode)
  • Light Gun (Baby D.Va Mode)
  • Boosters
  • Defense Matrix
  • Micro Missiles
  • Self Destruct (Ultimate Ability)
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